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Lindsey Ratliff - Appalachian College of Pharmacy

Lindsey Ratliff, PharmD

Academic & Research Fellow 

Lindsey Ratliff, PharmD, BS, TTS is an Academic Research Fellow in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and a 2020 graduate from Appalachian College of Pharmacy (ACP). Dr. Ratliff believes the pharmacist is the defining variable in reducing healthcare costs, eradicating chronic disease mismanagement, and lifting the heavy burdens of a complex health system. Pharmacists expanded their scope to accommodate the provider shortages; but the system has been slow to adapt. Dr. Ratliff’s research aims to provide evidence for systemic reform for team-based approaches and collaborative autonomy for workforce preservation. Dr. Ratliff explores pharmacy practice through the guiding principles: 1. Telepharmacy. 2. Chronic Care Management (CCM). 3. Translational Educational Curriculum. 4. Workforce Stabilization. 

Dr. Ratliff presented her research on clinical readiness for advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs) in underserved field sites at the American College of Clinical Pharmacy 50th Annual Meeting & Poster Presentation. Prior to attending ACP, Dr. Ratliff earned her BS in Life Science from The Pennsylvania State University while working at a community-based independent pharmacy as a pharmacist technician and pharmacy student intern in Hershey, Pennsylvania. She was selected for a public health undergraduate research internship through the Pennsylvania State College of Medicine where she focused on research methods, interprofessional collaboration, ARC rural communities, and professional scholarship with two publications in peer-reviewed journals, and an acceptance in a scientific poster presentation. When Dr. Ratliff is not on campus, you will find her traveling to the beach, lake, or mountains enjoying loved ones, exercising in the fresh air, and enjoying a fresh cup of coffee while reading selected journal articles. Dr. Ratliff’s career goals include completing her post doc training as a pharmacist-scientist, and expanding in academic administration and entrepreneurship.